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The modern TwinCab design brings together an old school feel with a contemporary bottom design, providing increased performance with the established elements of speed, control and maneuverability. The TwinCab is a fast, super fun, wave catching weapon. It handles pumping, down-the-line waves but still holds its own in average conditions. It provides an option for intermediate to advanced surfers who want a twin fin with updated performance qualities and want to mix up their average daily sessions.

The TwinCab’s utilise the proven CabSav family rocker formula. The concaves and rail line have been adjusted very slightly to match an MR-inspired twin fin outline. The board has a wider tail and tail block than the traditional performance twin outline, but with the wing and fin setting are still appropriate for the twin fin setup of larger, MR-style fins, with the option for a trailer fin available on custom orders. Feedback from team riders has been exceptional. They love the smooth and fluid style and the way the board really carried through the flat sections and held really well in the pocket. Increased performance and the ability to push through cutbacks very hard off your backfoot and not have it slide out were major advantages. Reo rides his TwinCab at 5’5 x 19 3/8 x 2 7/16 (28.65L) in Simulue Island. The TwinCab looks great in CORE coloured foam with Joistik classic logos.




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