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Some nice looking Karboload Tech customs ready for local Northern beaches rippers.

Left to Right: 5’9 1/2 Silent Savage, 6’0 Bombay Blues (varial foam), 5’10 Mod channel bottom, , 6’2 1/2 Renegade, 5’10 Renegade and 6’2 Heavy Hitter.

Joistik’s Karboload surfboards utilise carbon in this layup to best enhance it’s energy potential and flex/recoil properties. It is also the only tech to effectively manage this across all three planes of a surfboards flex: longitudinally, torsionally and transversely, but more importantly in the right places along the board, with a parabolic and efficient load up and release of energy. Speed and response through rail transitions and turns is instantaneous, stable and smooth, directly hingeing off the surfer’s foot pressure and centre of gravity. Read more about Karboload Technology here.


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