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“A cool, unique good wave design by an interesting shaper, Nick Blair of Joistik Surfboards. The Nick Blair Surfboards Slipper is silky smooth as it flows down the line on a small, clean swell.”

“In that waist high to just overhead beach break conditions that a lot of us surf a lot of the time; this is a beautiful board to ride.” 

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Standard Nick Blair (Joistik) Slipper surfboard standard dimensions and volume:

5’419 1/42 3/1622.9L
5’619 1/22 5/1625.31L
5’819 3/42 3/827.33L
5’10202 7/1629.36L
6’020 1/42 1/231.55L
6’221 1/22 5/834.52L


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