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What’s new in the bay? The Renegade is designed for big fin hacks, wafts and technical airs. Featuring a lower entry and flatter mid section with medium tail rocker and hyper-extended rail line through the fins. These aspects, together with a straighter mid-section outline, subtle hip and a deeper, re-positioned concave apex, create a board that combines maximum front foot drive with explosive tail release.

“This model was developed and tested with Thomas Woods in the last month and called the ACT curve. Usually a design is conceived and then tested to incorporate changes until it is perfected- this takes some time and a few versions. However, this one came together quickly from first design which was great as I have incorporated some very different elements and new approaches in The Renegade. Thomas and I sat down and talked about the ideal board when he got back from Hawaii then I designed this in a moment of inspiration. We surfed together and he was exploding all over the waves, just ripping. So stoked! I called it the Renegade as it rebelled against some of my usual design principles but came out great.”
Shaper Nick Blair. 


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