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Surfboard Sprays

Art is a major ingredient that gives Joistik boards individual style, creativity and flare. Talented, creative surfboard spray artists are very difficult to find as spraying surfboards is not as easy as it may look. Laying up, applying colour and creating original art requires time, attention to detail and a lot of experience. The resin colors and paints are mixed and applied by hand so every Nick Blair board looks unique.


Get inspired for your next board with our gallery of some of our favourites sprays over the years including resin tints, popsicle sprays, colour combo rail sprays and custom art.  Sprays usually cost between $50 and $100. Check out the prices of our basic sprays here. When you order a custom Joistik from Nick Blair you can choose from this great range of sprays from Brett Palmer. Use the #0001 number when ordering. For something more complicated send us a photo or drawing for a quote. You can even uniquely personalise your board for a special occasion. We also use master craftsman Taka at 55 Glassing for the most beautiful tint and colour work out there.

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