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Custom Artwork Surfboards


Which longboard to ride first?

Theres some tiny little waves rolling into Freshwater today. I’ve got 3 longboards I made for me and the family when the waves are small. They are all super fun so the only decision is…

By Nick Blair

November 18, 2012

Team Rider - Dean Morrison

We’ve been working on a series of Dingo models pretty intensely the last few months. We’ve been tweaking things in the bay to make sure Dean Morrison has something for all the breaks and conditions…

By Nick Blair

January 2, 2010

Pro boards for sale

Drop by the factory if you want to buy a pro board from the recent Snapper WCT and Burleigh WQS events. We have Dean Morrison, Dusty Payne, Jeremy Flores, Hopgood brothers, Jordy Smith and Thomas Woods…

By Nick Blair

April 6, 2008