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The Vertrix Model

A cutting edge performance shortboard

The Vertrix model has been hugely acclaimed by our team and is extremely popular with intermediate to pro surfers in hollow conditions. The Vertrix has a rounded square tail with a medium, staged rocker and a semi flat deck (you can therefore ride it a touch thinner than your normal boards). It is very responsive, great for in the pocket surfing and the go to board when the waves are firing!

The Vertrix excels for advanced surfers in critical, hollower, steeper conditions. The Vertrix really comes into its own when the surf is powerful and hollow yet it grovels surprisingly well for a high performance shortboard. Ride the Vertrix ideally in 3-6 foot good waves for fast, powerful surfing. This is a great addition to have in your quiver for Indo season. If you want a cutting edge performance board with speed, flow and drive with great flare in the pocket and lip, then this is the board for you.

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break - hollow

Wave Height

3-6 foot

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Round Square

Bottom contour

Single-double concave


Medium, staged

Stock Standard Dimensions & Volume

5’6”18 1/4”2 1/8”22.33L
5’7”18 3/8”2 3/16”23.54L
5’8”18 1/2”2 3/16”24.00L
5’9”18 5/8”2 1/4”25.44L
5’10”18 3/4”2 1/4”26.14L
5’11”18 7/8”2 5/16”27.47L
6’0”19”2 5/16”28.16L
6’1”19 1/8”2 3/8”29.56L
6’2”19 1/4”2 3/8”30.24L
6’3”19 3/8”2 7/16”31.75L
6’4”19 1/2”2 1/16”33.28L