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The Slipper

The Slipper Model

Down-the-line speedster

The Slipper model is an insanely fast board, which flies down the line and turns on a dime. The Slipper has incredible speed with pinpoint accuracy in the pocket. It can be ridden a fair bit shorter than your regular shortboard. It has a reverse-hip pin tail, a medium full rail and a flat evenly flowing rocker.

The Slipper has a medium single to deep single-double concave, to vee off the tail. Perfect for the clean, smaller winter conditions the coast will be enjoying in between the bigger swells. They have to be ridden to be believed! The Slippers come with 5 fin FCS fusion setup (to be surfed as a quad or thruster).

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

2-6 foot

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Reverse hip pin

Bottom contour

Medium single to deep single-double concave, to vee


Flat evenly flowing

Stock Standard Dimensions & Volume

5’419 1/42 3/1622.9L
5’619 1/22 5/1625.31L
5’819 3/42 3/827.33L
5’10202 7/1629.36L
6’020 1/42 1/231.55L
6’221 1/22 5/834.52L