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Silent Savage

The Silent Savage Model

A modern performance shortboard

The Silent Savage would have to be the most popular choice as an all-round shortboard. Incorporating a moderate single to progressively deeper double concave bottom configuration, the Silent Savage is built for the light to medium weighted surfer with a neutral to back-footed approach. Speed and drive is balanced with maneuverability and responsiveness. The Silent Savage suits high-performance surfing in all conditions.

A modern performance shortboard that precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive response and release. A reworking and reinvention of our proven and perpetually popular X1 model has produced a board that is essential to your quiver. Features include a round, squash tail, medium rocker throughout with evenly slowly curve and subtle tail lift, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration.

The Silent Savage is a well balanced, all round great board that goes really well at beach breaks that are quite flat and average and also in steeper, hollower suckier, more high performance waves. It’s a really versatile shortboard. Ride the Silent Savage from chest high to well overhead.

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

3-8 foot

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Round squash

Bottom contour

Single concave



Stock sizes & dimensions 

Length  Width      Thickness  Volume
5’618.25  2.125  21.75L
5’718 3/8  2.188  22.93L
5’818.5  2.188  23.47L
5’918.625  2.25  24.73L
5’1018.75  2 1/4  25.34L
5’1118 7/8  2 5/16  26.66L
6’019  2.312  27.28L
6’119 1/8  2.375  28.64L
6’219 1/4  2.438  30.03L
6’319 1/2  2.5  31.72L
6’419 3/4  2 9/16  33.42L
6’620  2 5/8  35.77L