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The Scrob Model

All round utility performer

Some models have a tale behind them that is stranger than others. Here is the Scrob, and introducing it’s baby brother the SubScrob. Named after “Scottish Rob” whom I designed the first custom board for, which went on to become a popular request as an all-round utility performer at beach breaks everywhere. Scrob models come with a squash or swallow tail and a thruster setup with the option for 5 fin. The SubScrob works well as 5 fin configuration, so it can be ridden as a quad or thruster.

The Scrob is an explosive all-round board originally designed for energetic medium size beach break conditions, which has gone on to prove itself in shifty and concentrated reef power. The flatter rocker provides ample speed, with a generous double concave running within the single and exiting as mild vee out the tail block. Together with the pronounced hip in the outline, you have a board that is sharp, precise and agile with speed and responsiveness to boot. The SubScrob is a shorter, wider version with a border outline and planing area, where we’ve turned the volume up on the design attributes, resulting in the same performance in smaller, weaker conditions.

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

2-6 foot

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Hip squash

Bottom contour

Single-double concave to light vee


Medium, low, continuous

Stock Standard Dimensions & Volume

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4 18.375 2 1/8 21.28L
5’5 18.5 2 3/16 22.46L
5’6 18 5/8 2.188 23.05L
5’7 18.75 2 1/4 24.33L
5’8 18.875 2.25 24.97L
5’9 19 2.312 26.32L
5’10 19.125 2.312 27.00L
5’11 19.25 2.375 28.38L
6’0 19.375 2.375 29.10L
6’1 19.5 2.438 30.57L
6’2 19.625 2.5 32.04L
6’3 19.75 2.562 33.57L
6’4 19.875 2.625 35.15L
6’6 20.25 2.75 38.55L

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