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The MindJar Model

Explosive performance shortboard

The MindJar model is an explosive, drivey high performance shortboard. The MindJar has been heavily tested by my team and has proven to be a great addition to the WSL quiver. The MindJar has been designed for your intermediate to pro surfer and made for waves that are 3-8 foot. This board gets even better when the waves are pumping and is epic for waves at home and on the tour. The MindJar is your go to board for Indo reefs, points like J Bay and Snapper and goes absolutely mental in Hawaii.

A performance shortboard with ample drive and speed off the front foot and explosive tail release off the back, the MindJar features a full modern outline and foil. The MindJar comes with a round squash tail and thruster configuration. To achieve the design attributes, a staged rocker blends with a continuous rail line rocker which results in a drivier front foot apex and flare and release off the tail fulcrum, whilst still allowing hold through big rail turns and carves. The Mind Jar is a high performance board and deserves to be ridden in all-round good to excellent conditions and pockets.

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

3-8 foot

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Round squash

Bottom contour

Single-double concave


Medium, staged

Stock sizes & dimensions 

LengthWidth ThicknessVolume
5’618 3/8 2.12521.66L
5’718.5 2.18822.85L
5’818.625 2.2524.01L
5’918.75 2.2524.58L
5’1018 7/8 2.31225.86L
5’1119 2.31226.52L
6’019.125 2 3/827.82L
6’119.25 2 7/1629.17L
6’219.375 2 1/230.57L
6’319 1/2 2.531.24L
6’419 3/4 2 5/833.71L

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