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Heavy Hitter

The HeavyHitter Model

Performance shortboard for the more powerful surfer

The Heavy Hitter model is suited to larger surfers of medium to heavy weight who would like a performance shortboard. Increased foam under the chest leads to improved paddling and recovery though turns. A fuller outline, and refined but fuller rail offers volume with performance for the heavier surfer. Slightly shallower concaves and a relaxed rocker accommodate the surfer’s power through turns. The Heavy Hitter comes as a thruster with a pulled in squash tail.


Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

3-8 foot

Skill level

Beginner to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Round squash

Bottom contour

Single-double concave


Medium, continuous

Stock sizes & dimensions

Length Width Thickness Volume
6’0 19.5 2.5 30.76L
6’1 19.75 2.562 32.42L
6’2 20 2.625 34.12L
6’3 20.375 2.625 35.41L
6’4 20.625 2.688 37.22L
6’6 21 2.75 40.09L
6’8 21.25 2.875 43.65L
6’10 21.5 3 47.25L
7’0 21.75 3.125 51.24L