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The Glide Series

The Glide Series

The Glide Series consists of 4 models and covers the bases when it comes to longboard design, whether your approach is dated or modern, the series caters for the traditional and performance longboarder.


The MOD is a performance mal with added nose and tail rocker, thin tail and concave nose hull, with light double concaves to panel vee off the back. Designed with a smooth, continuous and curvy outline and a distinctly narrower tail. This is a highly versatile and all-round performance design.

Length: 9’0- 9’4

Tails: Squash, Round

Rails: Medium

Rocker: Medium-rockered & neutral curve

Rider weight: Light-Mid

Wave Size: 1-6 ft +

Skill level: Intermediate-Pro


The gX is a high performance mal. The gX utilises a blend of old and new design principles that result in a completely versatile board. A slighly rolled bottom with softly bevelled nose concave blends into a deep barrel vee, which coincides with the apex of the hyper-extended tail rocker.

Length: 9’0- 9’6

Tails: Squash, Round

Rails: Medium

Rider weight: All

Wave Size: 1-6 ft +

Skill level: Intermediate-Pro

Rocker: Available in lower entry beach break rocker or increased rocker for reefs.



The gHT offers glide and performance with a focus on nose riding capability. Very little nose rocker with a longer and forward, flatter entry that features a slightly beveled nose concave. Stability is gained from the wide nose and straighter, almost parallel rail outline and is complemented by the significant tail rocker. The gHT is built for the nose-riding fanatic.

Length: 9’0- 9’8
Tails: Round Squash

Rails: Medium-Full 50/50

Rider weight:All

Wave Size:1-4 ft

Skill level:Intermediate-Pro

Rocker: Acute low and flat nose rocker, evenly accelerating & full tail rocker


The Classic

The Classic is a timeless and classic malibu- eggy 50/50 rails and rolled vee throughout. A narrower nose blends into a straighter outline with a curved hip at the rear. The wide point coincides with the rocker apex, and is noticeably back from centre. Single fin (glassed or box) and polish standard. Great with a resin tint, volan cloth, knee patch or woodies.

Length: 9’0- 10’0

Tails: Pin, Cut off Square

Rails: 50/50 rolled, egg

Rider weight:All

Wave Size:1-4 ft

Skill level:Intermediate-Pro

Rocker: Low-slung, neutral tail rocker with long, medium entry

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