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The CabSav II Model

The most fun you can have on a wave

The CabSavII is an extension of the CabSav in length, roughly 4 inches, the outline is pulled in so the nose and tail widths have come in (although still a fuller outline) and the deck/rails are normal, full (in contrast to the Cab Sav’s concave deck). In essence it is more versatile than the Cab Sav as the conditions get bigger, but also favours those who prefer a bit more length. It still has the trademark flow and speed of the Cab Sav in all conditions, as I’ve used the same rocker and rail line combo. Like the CabSav the slight single concave blends to a deep double and vee bottom, working with the rolled rails and precision foil/rocker blend, ensuring the Cab SavII maintains speed, flow and response in a wide variety of everyday conditions.

The CabSavII is the go-to board that everyone seems to be able to agree on, because it caters to so many types of waves and skill levels. We predict just like the original CabSav, the CabSavII is so versatile it will stay on the best seller list for the forseeable future. Beginners can learn to surf on it and it still works really well under the feet of intermediate and professional surfers in excellent waves. The CabSavII is designed to help you paddle and catch more waves ensuring a better all round surfing experience. 

The CabSavII comes standard with 5 fins (can be ridden a squad or thruster) and works perfectly in sync with Karboload Technology. Stock sizes range from 5’3” to 6’1” and come with a wide squash tail.

Wave Type

Beach, reef and point break

Wave Height

1-5 foot

Skill level

Beginner to advanced

Stock Tail Shape

Wide squash

Bottom contour

Single-double concave to vee


Low, continuous

Stock sizes and dimensions

5’319 1/22 1/425.60L
5’419 3/42 5/1627.12L
5’5202 3/828.66L
5’620 1/42 7/1630.29L
5’720 1/22 1/231.96L
5’820 3/42 9/1633.71L
5’9212 5/835.48L
5’1021 1/42 11/1637.31L
5’1121 1/22 3/439.23L
6’021 3/42 13/1641.20L
6’1222 7/843.37L

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