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Our complete 30 board range is the culmination of 18+ years of custom shaping, test riding, experimentation and study of current and past design theories, as well as recent feedback from top surfers. It lends on my own adaptation and design, including outside influences, not only from my current shaping peers but from the legendary shapers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who, lets face it, laid the groundwork for my generation of shapers.

As reflected by my team and design focus, building high performance shortboards is my main priority. however, my models also incorporate high performance guns, tow-boards, longboards swell as hybrids and retrospective shapes. This reflects not only my goal as developing as an all round surfboard craftsmen in the big and small wave arena, but also my genuine interest and stoke in riding a wide variety of boards, even if most of the time I have my standard shortboard under my feet. 

The range is constantly under development and refinement, incorporating feedback from surfers of all abilities and is a result of many years of custom shaping for all types of surfers and influences, in all corners of the globe. It is a result of my passion for design and the “mental quiver” I carry in my head at all times.

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