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2016/17 Summer Board Guide – Tested & Approved

Joistik Surfboard’s teamriders tested the latest models to determine which board models would perform best in summer conditions. Small, weak and onshore sessions are common in Australia at this time of year, but if you are on the right board model any surfer can have a ball out there. These models came out on top.

Top 5

  1. CabSav2 model. The CabSav2 is an extension of the Cab Sav in length, roughly 4 inches. The outline is pulled in so the nose and tail widths have come in (although still a fuller outline) and the deck/rails are normal, full (in contrast to the original Cab Sav’s concave deck). In essence more versatile than the CabSav as the conditions get bigger, but also favours those who prefer a bit more length. The CabSav2 still has the trademark flow and speed of the Cab Sav in all conditions, as I’ve used the same rocker and rail line combo making it incredibly easy to surf. Beginners can learn to surf on it and it still works really well under the feet of intermediate and professional surfers in excellent waves. The CabSav2 is designed to help you paddle and catch more waves ensuring a better all round surfing experience. This board surfs and paddles insanely well in all conditions. Every teamrider choose the Karboload CabSav2 as their favourite groveller.
  2. CabSav model. The CabSav is a small wave weapon which has to be ridden to be believed. The CabSav leans towards the fun side of small wave surfing but still maintains it’s small wave grovel aspects of speed and carry. The shallow concave deck packs in the volume but still allows for a responsive rail with a lower apex. Mild concave blends to deep double barrel forward of, and through the fins, with vee blending off a thin and sensitive tail. Add to that a higher nose entry and rocker with the apex pushed back towards the tail, this board maximises it’s grovel potential, but still remains more versatile in it’s performance to similar designs on the market. This model was a favourite in waves 0-2 foot.
  3. Bombay Blues Model. This model was the favourite board for groms and amateur surfers. It is a more forgiving board that can surf through the flats and maintain sensitivity in the pocket. It has a medium-low entry rocker with extended, medium exit rocker and full rails with a flatter deck. A slight to medium concave blends to a deep double concave and vee off the tail. It was popular on the 2-3ft days and with the local kids on the Northern Beaches.
  4. Silent Savage model. The Silent Savage is a great choice as an all round shortboard. The model precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive response and release. The Silent Savage is super drivey but surfs well in the pocket. Features include a round, squash tail, medium rocker throughout with evenly slowly curve and subtle tail lift, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration. This board was my favourite and went well in all conditions.
  5. Scrob Model. The Scrob, and it’s baby brother the SubScrob proved to be a great choice as an all-round utility performer at beach breaks. The Scrob worked well up to solid four foot at left and right beachbreaks. On the Scrob it was easy to get over dead sections and link waves together. Scrob models come with a squash or swallow tail. The SubScrob works well as 5 fin configuration, so it can be ridden as a quad or thruster. Both models work well in conjunction with Karboload Technology.



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