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Epic shots coming through of last weeks Joistik team trip to Indonesia’s Simeulue Island. The team took high performance quivers including new MindJar and Vertrix models, aswell as their favourite Karboload CabSav2’s. Simeulue Island is situated 120 km from the West Coast of Sumatra and is open to consistent swell from the Indian Ocean. Simeulue Island has become a favourite spot for Joistik team trips to test new models in uncrowded, super fun, consistent surf. It is the perfect playground with the choice of fast, heavy, sucky barrels and deeper, long, cruisey waves with playful walls. Spots include Dylans rights one of the best breaks on the island and Reo’s favourite wave. It is a powerful hollow right hander with long fast tubes. Another good spot is the Peak, which is super fun and can get powerful when above 4-feet high, delivering barrel sections on both sides of its A-Frame peak.


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