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Shaun Gossmann is a super stylish and powerful surfer based on the Gold Coast. He is a great bloke and I consider him a good friend. Gozzy is a great test pilot for my boards around the Goldy and on his WQS travels. His pick of the models for competition is the Silent Savage model.

“My best board is the Silent Savage, I ride a 6’0” x 18′ 1/4” x  2′ 1/4”. I can ride this board in 1-8 foot surf. While competing on the WQS I’ve surfed it in 1 foot waves in Japan to 8 foot shore breaks in France. For me it’s a true all rounder. It shows heaps of drive off the bottom but all the release I need off the top. It’s also great through the flats. I’ll be on this curve for many years to come.” 

Gozzy is a Snapper and Dbah stand out. He has the place wired and dominates behind the rock when it’s on, spending more time in the barrel there than anyone. Check out his surfing around his home breaks to see for yourself. He is in the Snapper Rocks club and was recently named in the Jim Beam Surftag Team of the Decade.


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