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The Murasaki Open finished up in pretty average waves in Shonan. Luckily Shun Murakami and Reo Kanao both had epoxy boards on hand to make the most of the conditions and head easily through the early heats into Round 4. Shun was riding his magic EPS Silent Savage with newly sprayed fluro bottom and Reo was on his Karboload MindJar model. They both showed excellent rail work to generate speed in the lacklustre conditions. Shun one of the standout surfers of the competition won his next 3 heats, but couldn’t get the waves he needed in the semi final losing out to Ryota Matsushita. He will take his great form and incredible surfing into the QS10000 US Open. Shun Murakami rides an epoxy Silent Savage model at 5’8 x 18 3/16 x 2 3/16 (23.11L).

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