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We have been testing some new models with the team this month. It has been great spending time in the bay coming up with fresh ideas and tweaking some classic outlines. From left to right for Reo Kanao’s 2018 quiver:

5’5 TwinCab,  5’7 1/2 FlyJoi,  5’7 1/2 FlyJoi,  5’9 1/2 Shadow Boxer,  5’10 1/2 Shadow Boxer and 5’11 Vertrix.

The TwinCab’s utilise the proven CabSav family rocker formula. I have adjusted the concaves and rail line very slightly to match an MR-inspired twin fin outline. The board has a wider tail and tail block than the traditional performance twin outline, but with the wing and fin setting are still appropriate for the twin fin setup of larger, MR-style fins, with the option for a trailer fin available on custom orders. The TwinCab’s bring together an old school feel with a contemporary bottom design, providing increased performance with the established elements of speed, control and maneuverability. Feedback so far has been great.

The FlyJoi is a performance small wave performance board we are working on. Initial designs had some pretty wild tail aesthetics to play with, but you can expect something a little tamer to come with the final stock design. We’ve used the Protag rocker from several years back and blended it with a new outline and rail foil. I’m awaiting feedback on this one, but already my mind has raced ahead and I’m envisaging some changes and tweaks to the FlyJoi to meld it more into the image of the Shadow Boxer (see below), but for everyday waves in the 2-4/5 foot range. Stay tuned for updates on this one!

The Shadow Boxer is new to the high performance line up. An excellent shortboard for trips to locations with larger, powerful, hollow waves. This is fast becoming a favourite with the team for innovative, progressive surfing in good waves and conditions from 3-4 feet and upwards. The design approach here is one that has been used again and again over the decades by various shapers, namely to take a good wave board, chop of the nose and then blend in. Recently this design approach has enjoyed a resurgence with the rider/shaper combo of JJF and Pyzel. With interest from our team riders, I’ve taken our proven formula from past models such as the X1 and Detonator and literally…chopped the nose off and blended it in. The result is a forward outline with the wide point front of centre and a fuller, wider nose. I’ve also pulled the tail width in to match the sensitive rounded pin tail. The result is a board with plenty of paddle power and down the line speed and drive, that sets its rail and carves beautifully, and penetrates in and around the lip with precision and ease.

I have also been making a few more Taco Simmons with tinted deck patches. These boards are super fast, have great flow and are just so fun to ride and shape. Check out the movie of Japan boss Mar on his 5’4 Taco Simmons in the Maldives.



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