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Karboload Technology Available Now

Karboload Technology orders are coming through super fast and looking insane with Sel Surf and The Glass Lab both producing amazing work of the highest quality. They just keep getting better and better. Feedback has been incredible and we have many customers ordering their third or fourth Karboload. Karboload Technology is available through both The Glass Lab and Sel Surf on all surfboards, so ask your shaper if you’d like to try this technology on your next board.

At the moment we’re turning around our Karboload work in 4-6 weeks or under. A high proportion of these orders for my boards are for the CabSavII or new model the V2SV. The CabSavII is our top selling model of all time and works perfectly in sync with Karboload tech. It will set you back $995 (AUD) which includes your five fin plug setup (FCSII or Futures) and standard layup, clear or with included rail spray (1-2 colours).

Karboload is a unique epoxy layup on stringer-less EPS foam that utilities our exclusive Y-Flex technology. With Y-flex, the central carbon bottom strip splits at the leading edge of the side fins and flares out in a “Y” shape towards the rail (at specific measurements, depending primarily on the fin setup). The Y-Flex bottom harnesses the energy through the turn and carve like other bottom carbon strips, but where it differentiates and excels further is by additionally channeling the linear flex energy along the bottom, to transverse forces and flex through the tail third of the board. The energy feedback, acceleration, speed and liveliness through not only the turn, but more importantly the turn transitions (a result of the differing pressures between leading and back foot) are immediately noticeable and still allow a parabolic, uniform and tapered release of the energy through the more flexible tail.

We balance this with various options on the deck, such as single carbon strips or half deck strips (or none). The most popular option however are the dual carbon tape strips on the deck, positioned at a specific measurement apart (under the heels and balls of the feet), parallel and running from nose to tail. These dual carbon deck strips optimise torsional twist by controlling and utilizing the energy harnessed from torsional twisting along the length of the board. Named Parallel Performance, they were pioneered and trademarked by surfer and inventor Troy Clutton, who also brought C-Drive fins to the market. Importantly too, the carbon is utilised on the outer layers of deck and bottom with the glass laminate- so that it is truly in tension when the surfboard flexes (in internal carbon laminates used by some technologies, the amount of tension and therefore energy feedback, decreases parabolically towards the centre of the core as the surfboard flexes). We are able to customise and manipulate the overall flex through various glass layup and tape options, to optimize flex for each surfer in specific conditions.

We’ve found in testing and noticed in our customer and athlete feedback, is that our Karboload tech is far more stable over 4 feet that other epoxy layups on the market, which tend to become unstable and twitchy at that size.. Provided the wave face is reasonably clean, Karboload is performing stably in the solid 6-8 feet range and above. One of the reasons for this is that from the get-go we have engineered the flex to be smooth and parabolic along the length of the board, to match as closely as possible the flex of a PU board. We wanted to harness the instant feedback and and amplified recoil properties of carbon, whilst maintaining this uniform feedback- without the distorted twitchiness and erratic flex displayed in other epoxy techs in the market.

Carbon Inspired Surfboard Intelligence is here. #patentpending #karboload #igniteyoursurfing #askyourshaper Karboload Technology is available on all surfboards at The Glass Lab and at Sel Surf. For all enquiries about Karboload Technology contact Nick Blair.



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