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Dean Morrison, together with Joistik Surfboards and shaper Nick Blair, have developed the Dingo series of models. You’ll be able to get exactly what Dean rides under your feet, whether it’s his grovel, beach break, reef & point break or step-up semi-gun board. As one of the world’s preeminent surfers, its a well known fact that Dingo spends more time in the water than any other surfer, so rest assured these boards have been tried and tested at the world’s best breaks and can take you anywhere you’d like to go on a wave.

Dean likes a medium rail with soft tuck for a forgiving transition out of his bottom turn and in general a flatter style rocker. His boards are responsive and fast with an emphasis on drive. A slightly wider tail into a tight pod complement his low centred and powerful stance.

We’ve been working on a series of Dingo models pretty intensely the last few months. We’ve been tweaking things in the bay to make sure Dean Morrison has something for all the breaks and conditions he faces on the World tour. 

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