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It’s that time of year again where everyone is ordering big wave quivers for the upcoming Hawaii season and the Triple Crown. I love shaping these boards and watching them in action. Pipe, Haleʻiwa Beach and Sunset all need very different-looking boards. I’ve made my team boards to use primarily at each spot, as well as all round shortboards.  Haleiwa’s tricky reef is capable of delivering hollow rights, rippable sections and powerful closeouts. Where as the waves at Sunset are spread across a huge playing field and power surfing comes to the fore. Pipe can have perfect, heaving top-to-bottom barrels or the surfers may be going right at Backdoor. They need to be covered for of these scenarios and varying conditions. Some of the boards have been reinforced with a carbon strip, which is down to the preference of the surfer. I have enjoyed shaping Hawaii quivers for Dean Morrison, Shaun Gossmann, Perth Standlick and Carlos Burle over the years and this has helped tune in my big wave equipment. Here’s a few of my boards that will be gracing the North Shore this year.

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