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Bombay Blues – Best surfboard for your grom

The Bombay Blues model is built for the frothing grom or weekend warrior for small to medium surf. The Bombay Blues model is a excellent all rounder which has to be ridden to be believed. It is currently one of our most popular models sold in Australia and Japan. The model has a full outline and foil and it is a very forgiving board. The Bombay Blues surfs well through the flats and maintains sensitivity in the pocket. The Bombay Blues model has a medium-low entry rocker with extended, medium exit rocker and full rails with a flatter deck. A slight to medium concave blends to a deep double concave and vee off the tail. This model comes with round tail and a thruster or 5 fin setup.

This model is a great option for your grom’s first board. Many of the local kids in Freshwater and Manly choose this as their first shortboard and feedback has been excellent. It is one of Oney Anwar’s favourite models for the World Tour, so definitely a good all rounder to have in your quiver.

Check out the Bombay Blues models that are ready for some lucky local Freshwater Boardriders kids just in time for Christmas and the summer break. All of the groms chose their own custom sprays and matching logo colours. Enjoy!

Stock sizes and dimensions
LengthWidthThicknessVolume (L)
5’4192 1/822.78
5’519 1/82 3/1624.04
5’619 1/42 1/425.29
5’719 3/82 1/425.96
5’819 1/22 5/1627.32
5’919 5/82 3/828.73
5’1019 3/42 3/829.48
5’1119 7/82 7/1630.95
6’0202 1/232.46
6’120 1/42 9/1634.19
6’220 1/22 5/836.02
6’320 3/42 11/1637.09
6’4212 3/438.82


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