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New Model


New Model - V2SV

      New to the lineup in mid 2017 the V2SV is a small wave performance groveller that is getting insane feedback from the team and anyone who gives it a spin. The V2SV…

By Nick Blair

August 14, 2017

New Model - The Vertrix Model

    The Vertrix model has been hugely acclaimed by our team and is popular with intermediate to pro surfers. The Vertrix has a squash tail with a full rocker and a semi flat deck…

By Nick Blair

May 1, 2017

The go-to board - The CabSav2

    The CabSav2 has become the go-to board that everyone seems to be able to agree on, because it caters to so many types of conditions and skill levels. We predict just like the…

By Nick Blair

March 29, 2017

2016/17 Summer Board Guide - Tested & Approved

2016/17 Summer Board Guide – Tested & Approved Joistik Surfboard’s teamriders tested the latest models to determine which board models would perform best in summer conditions. Small, weak and onshore sessions are common in Australia at this time of year,…

By Nick Blair

October 3, 2016

The MindJar Model

The MindJar model is being heavily tested by my team at the moment and is proving to be a great addition to the quiver.  A performance shortboard with ample drive and speed off the front…

By Nick Blair

April 18, 2016

The Silent Savage

A modern performance shortboard that precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive response and release. A reworking and reinvention of our proven and perpetually popular X1 model has produced a board that is essential…

By Nick Blair

February 14, 2016

The Scrob Model

Some models have a tale behind them that is stranger than others. Here is the Scrob, and introducing it’s baby brother the SubScrob. Named after “Scottish Rob” whom I designed the first custom board for,…

By Nick Blair

October 16, 2015

Bombay Blues Autumn Special

The Bombay Blues model is a excellent all rounder which has to be ridden to be believed. It is currently one of our most popular models sold in Australia. The Bombay Blues model is built…

By Nick Blair

September 6, 2015