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The CabSav2 was a new model released late 2016 and in a few short months has out sold any previous model. The CabSav2 is a best seller because it caters for so many types of waves, conditions and skill levels. Sales have been heavily driven by test riding the model and word of mouth.

It is an extension of the CabSav in length, roughly 4 inches, the outline is pulled in so the nose and tail widths have come in (although still a fuller outline) and the deck/rails are normal, full. In essence more versatile than the CabSav as the conditions get bigger, but also favours those who prefer a bit more length. Still has the trademark flow and speed of the CabSav in all conditions, as I’ve used the same rocker and rail line combo. The CabSav2 is a fun board that is incredibly easy to surf. This model has great take off speed, springs through turns and surfs well in everyday grovels.

The new CabSav2 model is the ultimate all round board and is getting rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it. The model works perfectly in sync with Karboload Technology. Carbon Inspired Surfboard Intelligence is here. #patentpending #karboload #igniteyoursurfing #askyourshaper Karboload Technology is available on all surfboards at The Glass Lab and at Sel Surf. For all enquiries about Karboload Technology contact Nick Blair.


Stock sizes and dimensions

5’319 1/22 1/425.60L
5’419 3/42 5/1627.12L
5’5202 3/828.66L
5’620 1/42 7/1630.29L
5’720 1/22 1/231.96L
5’820 3/42 9/1633.71L
5’9212 5/835.48L
5’1021 1/42 11/1637.31L
5’1121 1/22 3/439.23L
6’021 3/42 13/1641.20L
6’1222 7/843.37L


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