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Brett Burcher knows how to get ridiculously barreled. Hailing from the south coast of New South Wales there’s no shortage of slabs a stones throw away from his home. And he ain’t afraid to travel. This excellent clip showcases his year thus far with a stand out session in South Oz the jewel in the crown. Brett Burcher’s new clip is a step above your usual surf feature. Teaming up with Darcy Ward, the two have thrown together a epic clip. Check out Burcher getting seriously barreled and there’s a few nasty wipeouts in there too. Charging some meaty slabs it’s clear to see Brett is certainly no stranger when it comes to charging big barrels! Brett demonstrates unreasonable tranquility in the stickiest of situations.That same session features in the December issue of Tracks on sale now.

Brett rides the Renegade model as his all round shortboard and is building up a good big wave quiver for surfing South Coast slabs. Check out Brett’s section below. Thick barrels and solid power surfing and one of the best wipeouts ever seen. 

Tunnel Vision from Darcy Ward on Vimeo.



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