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The Bombay Blues model is a excellent all rounder which has to be ridden to be believed. It is currently one of our most popular models sold in Australia. The Bombay Blues model is built for all varieties of surfer, from intermediate through to pro, the larger surfer or weekend warrior in small to medium surf, with a full outline and foil. It’s a very forgiving board that surfs through the flats and maintains sensitivity in the pocket. The Bombay Blues model has a medium-low entry rocker with extended, medium exit rocker and full rails with a flatter deck. A slight to medium concave blends to a deep double concave and vee off the tail. Comes with round tail and thruster setup.

The Bombay Blues Autumn special package includes a stock size custom shaped Bombay Blues model, Free Bombay Blues custom spray (a 2 colour spray/choice of 2 designs – see photos), a Free FK Unlimited Co. Superior 6 leash and a FreeFK Unlimited Co. deck grip ($142 worth of extras). The most fun you can have on a wave for only $795. This offer has been extended until the end of September 2015. Read more about the Bombay Blues.

LengthWidthThicknessVolume (L)
5’4192 1/822.78
5’519 1/82 3/1624.04
5’619 1/42 1/425.29
5’719 3/82 1/425.96
5’819 1/22 5/1627.32
5’919 5/82 3/828.73
5’1019 3/42 3/829.48
5’1119 7/82 7/1630.95
6’0202 1/232.46
6’120 1/42 9/1634.19
6’220 1/22 5/836.02
6’320 3/42 11/1637.09
6’4212 3/438.82

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