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Congratulations to Haira Ogawa who took out the All Japan Surfing Championship at Toyohama Beach yesterday. Haira surfed consistently well for the whole tournament swapping between his MindJar and Karboload Silent Savage when conditions dictated. 18 year old Rynosuke Furata our other young team rider finished 9th after a great year and will now compete on the JPSA. Rynosuke rode his Karboload CabSav2 & MindJar throughout the event. Shuntaro Natori (Napo) finished 13th in the Senior class on his favourite Karboload CabSav2.

It is great to see how well Karboload Technology is performing at a competitive level in Japan. The energy feedback, acceleration, speed and liveliness of Karboload Technology is evident not only through the turn, but more importantly in the turn transitions (a result of the differing pressures between leading and back foot). This is immediately noticeable when surfing competitively and is being used by top surfers to achieve a performance edge. We customise and manipulate the overall flex through glass layup and tape options, to optimize flex for each of these surfers. Yeah boys @hairaogawa @ryunosuke5831@napoweed !!! Epic work.


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