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I love shaping big wave boards, its one of my favourite parts of being a shaper and watching them being surfed in huge waves is the ultimate joy. I have been lucky enough to work with Carlos Burle, one of the worlds top big wave surfers which has helped me fine tune my craft. It is special to see your boards used in the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational In Memory of Eddie Aikau and Red Bull Big Wave Africa events. In Japan I have Keito Matsuoka on my team who is Japan’s premier big wave charger. He pushes the limit each year in Hawaii and Tahiti and his feedback ensures my big wave boards keep getting better and better. In Australia I have intensively worked with Dean Morrison on his world tour boards including his Hawaii and Tahiti quivers. As a shaper you often get so amped shaping boards like these that you want to drop all responsibilities, grab your own stash of boards and head off for a month too. Seeing Dean’s big wave boards head out of the door hurt more than usual, haha…Dingo had some great results on his big wave boards including a 2nd at the Pipe Masters. I also love working with South coast chargers Brett Burcher and Elliot Marshall to keep refining and testing my tow boards and guns at the slabs around Ulladulla.

I also enjoy shaping longboards and riding them myself when conditions are small with the family. I have Kevin Holt on my team who competes on the longboard tour. These are a couple of his new longboards. His current favourite board is a 9’0 x 22 1/4 x 2 1/2 squash tail epoxy performance mal. This is not one of our usual models, but a customised all round beach break design, perfect for competition surfing and a mix of old school noseriding and high performance manoeuvres. He test rides all my longboard and models. His go to main competition longboard is a 9’1 EPS mal. This is a performance mal with added nose and tail rocker, thin tail and concave nose hull, with light double concaves to panel vee off the back. It is designed with a smooth, continuous and curvy outline and a distinctly narrower tail to make it a highly versatile and all round performance board. “The 9’1 EPS mal is turning tricks for me at the moment. The rocker is really good in transition to the nose and turns on a dime off the tail. Super light yet glassed heavier than a normal PU mal for durability. For free surfing I like the MOD noserider rocker which is ideal for gliding in the small stuff and I love the GHT Mal for the points”.

Read more about our longboard models here.


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