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Shun Murakami has been testing his new 5’8 EPS Silent Savage back home in average waves before heading to South Africa for the QS10000 Ballito Pro. It looks like this epoxy Silent Savage will be a great addition to his world tour quiver which includes his magic PU Silent Savage model he rode in the last competition, which he is keeping on ice. EPS advantages include reduced weight, increased buoyancy, strength and floatation. An EPS board can result in improved paddling speed, buoyancy and manoeuvrability most notably as you can see here in smaller average surf.

The Silent Savage is a modern performance shortboard that precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive, response and release. Its features include a round squash tail, medium rocker throughout, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration. Shun’s outline also features and adjustment to match and complement his fluid back foot style and approach. Shun rides his at 5’8 x 18 3/16 x 2 3/16, which comes in at 23.11L.


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