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2010 Board Guide – Tested & Approved

Earlier in the year Joistik Surfboard’s team of riders—Nick Blair, some pros, amateurs, all seasoned rippers—spent a few weeks at Lakey Peak testing the latest models against one another to determine which board would perform best. All boards had been tested previously on Australia’s East coast but we needed some meatier swells to push them to the limits. Oney Anwar was born and raised in Lakey and the wave is his happy place. A talented surfer and successful competitor, Oney is the perfect test pilot for the boards at his home breaks of Lakey, Periscopes and a few secret spots.

We stayed at Aman Gati which is located directly in front of the renowned Lakey Peak and has the best post-surf feed of Nasi goreng, pancakes and banana smoothies. From there it was a short walk to all the spots including Periscopes and Lakey Peak. It is the perfect place for testing boards and relaxing after a hard year in the bay. The wave produces a nice barrel from the take-off with the left being the longer of the two. The right is shorter but much meaner and has more of a backdoor section. We were lucky to score some killer sessions while we were there, giving us the opportunity to pit the boards in waves up to 8 foot.

Top 5

  1. Silent Savage model. The Silent Savage precisely balances all the elements of speed, drive response and release. A reworking and reinvention of our proven and perpetually popular X1 model has produced a board that is essential to your quiver. Features include a round, squash tail, medium rocker throughout with evenly slowly curve and subtle tail lift, flatter/volumised deck and full rail, medium single to double concave and thruster configuration. This board was my favourite and went insane on a huge day at Periscopes. It went well for the whole team in 6ft + days and was a favourite at the steeper, hollower suckier spots.
  2. Renegade Model. The Renegade is designed for big fin hacks, wafts and technical airs. Featuring a lower entry and flatter mid section with medium tail rocker and hyper-extended rail line through the fins. These aspects, together with a straighter mid-section outline, subtle hip and a deeper, re-positioned concave apex, create a board that combines maximum front foot drive with explosive tail release. This board went well at all of the spots for the lighter pros especially on the mid size days.
  3. Bombay Blues Model. This model was the favourite board for the amateur surfers. It is a more forgiving board that can surf through the flats and maintain sensitivity in the pocket. It has a medium-low entry rocker with extended, medium exit rocker and full rails with a flatter deck. A slight to medium concave blends to a deep double concave and vee off the tail. It was popular on the 2-3ft days and with the local groms including Gazlin and Andre Anwar who were ripping.
  4. Protag Model. The Protag favours speed and drive with explosive release off the tail, along with good recovery over the front of the board when landing airs due to the slightly wider nose. The rocker is slightly relaxed up front and adjusted in the back half to complement a smaller wave face, which together with tweaks to the rail line and an increase in concave depth, provides suitable drive, responsiveness and release in small waves. One of it’s greatest attributes is it’s ability to handle such a wide range of conditions, so it was used on every day of the trip.
  5. Heavy Hitter Model. The Heavy Hitter was popular with the bigger guys on the trip. It is best for surfers of medium to heavy weight as there is more foam under the chest for paddling and recovery though turns. The rolled deck adds volume yet still allows for a low rail with a crisp tuck. Shallower concaves and a relaxed rocker accommodate a heavier surfer’s power through turns. It was super fun for big carves and barrels.
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